Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Part 8 - Addictive Desert Design front and rear bumpers

So a lot has happened on our F150 prerruner, now it's 
time to givethe goods on how it was all done

We ordered up from ADD (Addictive Desert Design) a Stealth front bumper and a Race Series Tire Carrier rear bumper, all in raw steal. You can order them up in a black powder coat, but we're going to have ours painted in red.

Front Stealth Bumper

Race Series TC Rear Bumper 

We're opting out on using the bumper valance that goes below the headlights/grille in order to raise the the stealth bumper up to give it a better profile look. So first we have to cut the factory brackets off the frame.

So not having an extra set of hands at the time, 
I put the engine hoist to use to help line it up.

Once i have the profile and height I'm looking for, it's time to fab up a setup brackets off the frame. 1/4" plate should do the trick with gussets on the backside

Now that we have the bumper mounted up, it was time to weld up the tabs for mounting our 2 - 30" Rigid Industries LED light bars. The top 30" light bar is full amber and the bottom is the new E2-Series spector light bar

Now we have the look we're after, it's time to cleanup the front frame horns and match them up with the bumper.

 OK, now for the rear. This is what's going to finish off our F150 and give it that Trophy Truck look.

This style of rear bumper is only available for the
09+ Ford Raptor SVT trucks.
After some careful measurements and a bit of luck, there wasn't much customizing to make it fit, just rear brackets had to be fabbed up. If you have the know-how and tools, it can easily fit on the older F150 trucks.

Doing a dry fit we noticed that the rear topside bed bolts lined up to the mounting tabs on the bumper and the tailgate support bars lined up perfect to the factory 
tailgate holes as well

There was some minor trimming we had to do as one of the step plates was touching the fiberglass fenders. So a little trimming with the die grinder made short order of that. 

 Rear Bumper Brackets

First we made a template of the mounting flange of the bumper using cardboard and cut out on 1/4" plate.


Now adding a rear plate to the truck frame to work off of, time to measure up, cut and weld in support gussets
to strengthen it up.

Time to mount everything up to make sure ti all fits correctly before sending off to get powder coated

Finally, a week later after being at the our local powder coat place we get to mount everything up.

To give the bumpers that ultimate look , we had the guys match up the color red to the Trailready beadlock wheels on the truck. It turned out awesome!!


Next up we're going to wire up all the 
LED Rigid Industries lighting
Stay Tuned....

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ADD - Addictive Desert Designs
Rigid Industries LED Lighting

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Part 7 - New Skin for the F150

So it's time to get our F150 looking like a true Trophy Truck.
We took it down to BR Wraps in Abbotsford BC to work their magic. In the following images your going to see the process in how our F150 truck is wrapped.

The Process

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Part 6 - FiberwerX Replacement Bedside Panels

So at the beginning of the build you may have seen our crate of fiberglass fenders come in from FiberwerX. We mounted up the front fenders and we were working on the front suspension at the time. Now it's time to cut up the stock bedside panels for a more appropriate looking fender.
This is what we're starting with and what we're going to achieve
First, lets get rid of the stock panel.
There's about a million spot welds holding these panels on so we invested in a spot weld removal drill bit to make life much easier.
(Also drilling a 1/8" pilot hole through the weld helps prevent the bit from skating all over the place as you can see)
You'll have to look very careful for all the spot welds, sometimes they're hard to see through the paint.
To get at the front we needed to move the box away from the cab and drill out more spot welds

On the inner fender we opted out and used the plasma cutter to make short order of the wheel well support
Now it's time to remove the panel
The lip that we cut previously now has to be ground down flush

Now for a test fit....
At the back of the box there's a rear brace that hangs down. We marked a line in what we needed to cut off and out come the plasma again.

It's a good idea to spray some sort of rock guard protection on the inside of the fiberglass panels. Reason for this is to help strengthen and protect against rocks and debris from puncturing through. 
While we're at it, might as well give the inner box panel a shot of rock guard as well
Next all the provisions for the Taillights and Fuel Door have to be cut out. All we used was a die grinder with a 3" cut-off wheel.

All that's left to be done is to mount up the bedside panel to the truck box using some self-tapping machine tech screws. Make some support brackets for the bottom of the wheel well's and that's pretty much it.
Not that difficult to do but takes a bit of time and patience.
That's if you don't mind cutting up your truck to get the look .....

A glimpse on how the profile of the F150 is looking now

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